Thanks for visiting my site and wanting to learn a little more about me. I am a semi-pro photographer located in the Southeastern United States. This site is for showing off my glamour & art photography work. Please click on the advertisers and post comments about my images. I love to get feedback on my work. I travel occasionally throughout the year so check my calendar. I may be in your area soon and would love to shoot with you.


I prefer to work with personable, creative, artistic age 18+ models. Experience doesn’t matter to me, only your desire to be creative and expressive


I am ONLY available for  TFi ("Time for Images") shoots. I consider myself a hobbyist. There are certain types work that I prefer to do. As long as you can do some of those then I will be happy to do styles that you desire as well. I feel a shoot should be a collaboration between model & photographer. If it is going to be a win-win situation, we both should be getting what we individually desire in terms of images.
Please do not ask me to pay you & I will do the same; not ask you to pay me.
Should I have paid shoots available, those will go to the models who work with me regularly


I am available for a wide range of work. Recently I have changed the direction of my work.  I am no longer available for typical portrait/family/headshot/children/non-glamour work. That is not to say I won't do it. That type of work is only available to my models that I work with on a regular basis. I respect every model’s posing limitations and ALWAYS shoot age-appropriate. Even though I prefer to work with models who are not terribly skin-shy and over age 30, I will work with talented models age 18 and above. I do not shoot with persons under age 18 unless their parent is one of my models and is present at the shoot.


Whomever accompanies you is a tag-a-long unless they are modeling/working too. I have no problems with a model bringing a tag-a-long with them. I prefer you bring someone who is not in a love/personal relationship with you (i.e. boyfriend/lovers/husbands/etc). Your friend is welcome to accompany you as long as they do not distract you from your task at hand. However, If they do distract you I will ask that they leave the shoot area or at the very least move out of eye shot of the model. I want every model to do their best and if having a tag-a-long friend at the shoot helps you to pose better, then I want you to bring one. If you feel you must bring someone because you don't trust me, I prefer we do not shoot together until you check my references and DO trust me. I am always happy to provide references upon request.


Please provide your contact email and phone in your correspondence. I am very professional, fun to work with, sane, safe, courteous, gentleman. I have shot with many many models over the years. Ask any model that I’ve worked with. A model and I may not get along with each other anymore but they will always report that I was professional and courteous even if our personalities didn't jive well.
I go out of my way to prove who I am and what I’m all about. If you cannot provide contact info, then we will not be working together. Just like models, I hate getting stood up and having my time wasted. I will want to talk to you by phone before leaving my home for the shoot area/location.
You can contact me through my contact form

Photographers, Read This:

I am VERY picky about who I choose to work with. The models I work with are very dependable, personable, talented, and plain fun to work with or I don’t work with them.  Yes, that even applies to the amateurs I shoot with. They are professional minded, answer email regularly and stay in touch throughout the shoot process. I highly recommend you hire any one of them (without hesitation) to shoot with. If they are in my port, you should work with them.