My 2nd shoot with model Violet Foley. Shot outdoors near the beach in Florida in February. It was a little chilly but she worked like a pro.

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3 thoughts on “20050222-VioletFoley

  1. Okay, that does it. This girl is outstanding. What a body. How do I upgrade? I am totally ready to see some of your hotties nude, this one included. I can’t figure our how to be a “Supporter” though. I have followed your stuff for a few years. Super excited that you are getting the website rolling! Your pics are world class, and your models are superb. I love the girl-next-door types, and you have that perfected. Beach scene with Betty Boop? Wow. Can’t wait for what’s next.

    Just an FYI: I used to follow “Kila Jager” on tumblr (she went by “modelkila). She retired I guess. We were in contact foairly regurlarly, but then disappeared. But back when she was posing for and posting very erotic pics, I asked her who she posed dirtiest for? She said “Vincent Photography”, and posted a few. So I’ve been checking in monthly, and it looks like you’re rolling. Great!

    1. I just found a way to handle money for the site. I’m so small time that paying the $1500 to process Visa/Mastercard from CCBill is just not an option for me at this point.
      Fortunately, a friend pointed me to Google Wallet. Not the most elegant solution but definitely one I can afford. I’ll be updated the membership options in the next couple days.

      Oh yeah, Kila is the BABE! She did retire but we speak every now and then. That is correct, outside of her hubby I probably have the naughtiest photos of her to date. I’ll post some of her soon. Oh how I would adore shooting with her again.

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